The 5th study i finished today in memory and gratitude to the Calais version of the great sculptor genius Auguste Rodin (1884-1889), in "taille-direct"technique, meaning carved out of Saint-Amand clay in this case without a plan, sketch and prefixed measurments to increase the spontaneity of the expression, that is along with virtuosity overall missing in contemporary art today. This new grandiose version of the new Burghers is in contrast to the group of statues by Rodin, which consists of six individually made male torsos and then sunk together on one pedestal different from my version. However, it is one individual torso consisting of five rising faces in spiral continuity, not commemorating the "Hunderd Years war" but life-on-earth today under climat change,deadly viruses and the equally reprehensible social media and tools.


Patinated studies in Saint-Amand clay, unbaked.

Only available with showcase in glass.

Collection Fondazione Jan De Cock. UNIQUE PIECE.

h. 60 x w. 40 x d. 30 cm. Price on request.