memorial souvenir

A collection or combination of various objects inside a photographic rigid structure, to make or construct an abstract capitalist souvenir, in accordance with a sculpturecommunistic plan.

The Event

Everything For You, Brussels, The Brussels Art_Institute, about 2015. Stereoview archive. Flemish-Italian Stereoscopic Company, Studio Torino S.P.A., Manufacturers and Publishers Piemonte-Flanders.


Golden Fine Cut's screen print on Arches handmade paper from Vosges. 800 gr., watermark. Signed by the artist in Pablo Picasso permanent colour Caran d'Ache pencil on the recto. Artist frame in Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis pink, violet reddish deep, prussian blue lacquered Japanese ayous wood.

h. 171 x w. 122 x d. 9 cm.

Collezione Fondazione Jan De Cock.