This sculpture is an open imitation after the works of the great Greek Sculptor Lysippus, made in the mid-fourth century B.C. and known to us from famous Roman copies, such as the Farnese Hercules and the Hercules Epitrapezios. The head is strictly held in place by an arrangement of "grotte & cascate" to hold the body of Hercules in a "still life" position and thus unable to kill the Stymphalian birds. The bust and pedestal [not pictured on the reproduction of the sculpture] are a 21th century addition to spotlight the Hero's immobile aplomb in a rampageous late capitalist lawless society.

 An individual object taken from the memorial exhibition:

The Ideal Landscape at The Bruges Art_Institute.  About 2018.


 h. 150 x w. 128 x d. 62 cm. 

By courtesy of Jan De Cock - Studio Torino