This alto-rilievo is a sculptured work in which the main figure projects more than half his thickness and therefore doubles its meaning. 

This composition is featuring a landscape painting and the head of Hercules that is strictly held in place by a pivot sticking out from a “blue stone quarry” to hold the body of Hercules in a “still life” position and thus unable to forfill his twelve labours.

The pedestal is a 21th century addition to spotlight the Hero’s immobile aplomb in a rampageous late capitalist lawless society. Clay, plaster, ceramics, wood, oil painting on canvas, impregnated with Cerulean blue van Gogh watercolour, Traditional Sennelier shellac Prussian blue ink, Rembrandt oilpastel, West permanent colour pencil.

h. 250 x w. 164 x d. 62 cm.

By courtesy of Jan De Cock – Studio Torino